Jason Vertucio

You know me! ™


Name: Jason Vertucio
Height: 5’6″
Powers/Abilities: Levitation, Super speed, Sonic blasts

After a freak accident involving his next door neighbor’s experimental radiation ray, Jason Vertucio discovered he was endowed with powers that set him apart from other mortal men. Able to float in the air, faster than a locomotive, and able to channel sound into powerful blasts, Jason Vertucio leads a double life as a mild-mannered advertising executive by day, and by night as a crime-fighting super hero.

Wait, no…. that’s all an elaborate fabrication to make Jason sound cooler than he is.

Jason Vertucio is a web developer from Bucks County, PA.  He stars in About 12 Minutes — a podcast about nothing in particular, but with fascinating topics— and 30 Minute Outsider — that show where two guys who don’t know a lot about Hollywood talk about Hollywood.  He was the driving force (well, only force) for the band Your Secret Identity.

His film credits almost include American Gangster and his TV credits almost include The X Factor.  Currently, he is learning how to run a web server all on his own, from the ground up.

Jason owns an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2, but promises he is a big fan of the Android operating system.

Also, Jason doesn’t know why he is writing this thing entirely in the third person.