Balance Your Checkbook

Balance is a little checkbooking app I made because I like to do things old school, and I also like to keep things simple. It is a Cordova app based on a custom mobile HTML framework I had created in 2013.

It’s available for iOS only, with future plans for Android.


Future Updates

You can expect a future version with one or more of the following, based on user suggestions or author testing.

  • An updated layout and refreshed look*
  • Track cleared transactions*
  • Lockout screen with passcode*
  • Touch ID for lockout screen*
  • That lockout screen with passcode being optional*
  • iPad version with split-screen support*
  • Optimization of data for better loading

Do you use the app and would you like to help out? Please fill out this survey! I promise it’s short, and the “tester” opportunity is completely optional. Don’t want to? Don’t fill in your name, or your email!

Note: * denotes a user-suggested improvement

Release notes


Here’s a couple of fun little things I did:

  • I removed a silly dance party reference left in during development and testing.
  • I fixed an issue where transactions were not updating the balance correctly (thanks, Tom).
  • I shortened the transactions screens, so that people who still have an iPhone 5/5s or users of the hot new iPhone SE aren’t desperately stuck. (yes, I got the iPhone SE, and it bothered me more than this app on the iPhone 4 compared to the iPhone 5.)
  • If you use the long-press to clear transactions from the main screen, it now animates instead of vanishes without any feedback.
  • Updated help on that new Backup screen, and gave you a way to view the backups within the app.


  • The app now has a “Backup and Restore” feature to replace the CSV email feature. (bug fix for Laura)


  • Added ability to export CSV (suggested by Chad)
  • Fixed layout issue affecting iOS versions having three numbers in them.


  • Added delete button (suggested by Penny)


  • Fixed issue where Notes could not be added

Contact me

If you have any suggestions or whatever about the app, please let me know.

If you are having problems with the app, please try to indicate the problem, when it happens, what model of phone you have, and the OS version. It will immensely help me in determining and fixing the problem. Thank you.



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