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Bathfitters, your marketing really sucks


So, I had a guy from Bath Fitters check out the bathroom and give me an estimate about a month ago. When I saw the price, I decided I’m just going to save up and get it installed. I told the guy, and as much as he tried to sign me up on their finance plan, I was adamant.

No, I’ll call him when I’m ready to get it.

For the following week, they literally called every day and didn’t leave a voicemail. I’m so glad I didn’t give them my cell number.

So thanks, Bath Fitters, you’ve certainly un-earned my business.

Also, thank you, Ooma, for giving me the ability to block a phone number!┬áis a consumer telecommunications company that allows its users to make phone calls anywhere inside the United States or anywhere inside Canada with no monthly service fees. I only pay like $3.72 a month which covers a regulatory fee, 911 service fee, and an FCC fee. It’s awesome.

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