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Coke vs. Pepsi?

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Which skin should I get for my iPad 2?

So, last night my adventures in putting a ZAGG Invisible Shield failed miserably. And then @GirlInTheRadio suggested I just go to MusicSkins.com and get one from them.

After getting over the horror that was American Idol + Justin Bieber skins, I checked out a different section. The Art section. And I found four skins that I want. But I don’t know which to actually get. Can you help me?

Author Title Link
Ron English Last Cartoon
Benny Gold Argyle
EXPLODINGDOG I Hate Technology
Right Stuf / Nozomi Ninja Crossing

Weird Dream States: 4/20/2011

Oh. Crap. I can’t remember my dream any more. The only thing I remember now is that I had to keep putting a code on a keypad to keep progressing to the next part of the dream. And then I woke up and felt a lump under my blanket. I touched it and the lump meowed.

And then I woke up for real and realised that I just dreamt about my old cat Otis.

My dislike of Megan Fox

Some of you may know of my disdain for the new Megan Fox.  It’s not that she is unattractive.  Back then she was smokin’ hot. Even though I think the current version of Fox is attractive, though I definitely prefer the original Megan Fox. But now she’s making it even harder—

Oh, sorry…. the 12-year old in me almost got the better of me . . . . Anyway, now she’s making it even harder for me to like her.

I mean, look at the poor girl!  She’s turning into a twig!  Next thing you know, she’s gonna get so thin she just disappears off the face of the planet! *

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just hating on her for no good reason.  I mean, I am at least happy for her for snagging the totally cool Brian Austin Green, who recently drove around a racetrack because he’s just that cool!  Of course, OK! Magazine reports on Megan Fox having a superhuman metabolism instead of Green’s awesome ability to make left turns while driving fast.


* I was not aware that the writer for OK! Magazine already made a similar joke when I wrote this.  I guess that’s what I get for just looking at captions and skimming the text.

Weird dream states: 3/5/2011

Ok so in my dream my kitten companion was named Julian (or Julienne, I’m not sure). S/he was a grey short-haired cat with a White streak looking like a scar across her face from left eye down past the right side of her nose.

Or his, I swear my dream didn’t even make that clear.

The house was laid out like my old one, now my brother’s house. And Julian hid under the dining room table a lot. During a party, I tried to convince Julian to go into the basement, which was empty. By the time I coaxed him to the door, my brother opened it quickly, scaring off the kitten.

And then the only other part of my dream I remember is walking outside in what looked like a quiet part of Brooklyn, on one of those quests like in Dragon Quest where I had to find and return a medallion or something.

I don’t know if I found it, by the way. I only remember walking and looking around for it.

Sometimes my dreams are so weird. So weird.