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Weird Dream States: 2/22/2012

Here’s what I wrote when I woke up.

So the dream I just woke up from …. The road I thought was the right one turned out to not only be a dead end, but I almost fell into the sea.

The point of that dream? Take the high road.

So, over 12 hours later, here’s what I remember. I remember that I had fallen asleep thinking about a problem and solution at work, and then so in my dream I was actually seeing transparency slides of the pages I was working on. I was driving on a highway. So the road forked. To the left, the overpass, and to the right, just some regular road. I thought, I could take the regular road and not have to deal with the overpass.

But as soon as the road curved around to go under the other part of the highway, IT ENDED. So I slammed on my breaks, and the car stopped before the edge of the road. I looked back and I was driving my old car.

It was a BMW 318i from, like, 1991 or something. A hand-me-down from my father.

I was almost hanging off the edge of the road. I threw it in reverse and before I was able to turn and go up the overpass, I woke up.

Always take the high road. That’s the lesson I took when I woke up.

Funny how a dream can just happen and make you think up some profound meaning out of it. But that’s my story. Always take the high road. Be the best that you can be and try not to let anything get you down. There’s some advice I could use right about now, hiding right in my own dreams.

Weird dream states: 5/26/2011, 5/27/2011


So, Here’s the funny thing. Two nights in a row, I have dreams involving my cats. So, the last theme in my dreams was falling. This one is cats?

The other night, in my dream, impostor kittens came to replace Ginny and Max, the cats that Boom Boom and I had that she now keeps. Ginny, the ginger one, looked like a suitable replica, but Max was too light- and long-haired to fool me. Although, at that ripe age of three weeks old, the face did look remarkably similar. Then again, Max—a two-year old dark grey tabby—has the ever-curious face of a six-week old kitten, so I suppose it makes sense that the dream replacement would be a baby cat. I don’t remember if I accepted them or not, but when I woke up, the apartment was still as empty as ever.

Last night, I dreamed that my parents’ house was overrun by mice!!! My parents freaked out and stayed out in the back yard while I braved the house to see how infested the house was. I counted at least seven, with more scurrying about that I didn’t see. And I even found a family of four huddled by the window. Of course, since it was a dream and not real life, I went OMGCUTEBABYMICE for about three seconds.

Max and Xavier (my brother’s Himalayan) were happily at work disposing of all the mice in the living room. Of course, Xavier took the longest time with them, as if he’s the evil one who loved the Saw movies but just couldn’t set up those elaborate traps for his victims because, you know, no opposable thumbs.

And I suspect Max was just as happy as a bean playing with a mouse toy that actually moved. You know, until it died. I actually watched him play with a mouse until it was dead, swat at it twice, and when he realised it’s not moving any more, pounced on another one.

I dunno. All I know is that the living room had four dead mice by the time I woke up.

This entire post was written and drawn on my iPad, but then edited on my computer.

Weird dream states: 5/19/2010

What is up with me dreaming about falling lately? My latest dream involved me somehow …. and by the way this entire dream is too triply to figure out on my own, so if you don’t understand then rest easy knowing you’re not alone ……. somehow, I managed to balance myself on the rubber bannister of an escalator in a Macy’s store. But here’s the weird part.

That part of the escalator lead nowhere! So, literally, the thing goes to the top and stops, but also, it’s just the bannister. No moving steps. So, I have to balance myself precariously on the top of this escalator with no floor around me, and no way of getting down.

Unless I jump.

The drop is about one full story. And I know that if I jump from this height, I’ll most likely break my leg when I land. So what do I do? I look up and there’s this phantom fourth floor above me. I can grab on to the ledge and hoist myself up, but then I’d have to get over the glass panel somehow, and there’s not even enough space to plant my feet. So, I stare up, stare down, know I’m stuck, and instead of jumping down, I just will myself awake, which stinks because if I had realised it was a dream at that point I could have just levitated myself down.

By the way, in my dreams, I don’t fly. I just levitate. -le sigh-

Weird Dream States: 4/20/2011

Oh. Crap. I can’t remember my dream any more. The only thing I remember now is that I had to keep putting a code on a keypad to keep progressing to the next part of the dream. And then I woke up and felt a lump under my blanket. I touched it and the lump meowed.

And then I woke up for real and realised that I just dreamt about my old cat Otis.

Weird dream states: 3/5/2011

Ok so in my dream my kitten companion was named Julian (or Julienne, I’m not sure). S/he was a grey short-haired cat with a White streak looking like a scar across her face from left eye down past the right side of her nose.

Or his, I swear my dream didn’t even make that clear.

The house was laid out like my old one, now my brother’s house. And Julian hid under the dining room table a lot. During a party, I tried to convince Julian to go into the basement, which was empty. By the time I coaxed him to the door, my brother opened it quickly, scaring off the kitten.

And then the only other part of my dream I remember is walking outside in what looked like a quiet part of Brooklyn, on one of those quests like in Dragon Quest where I had to find and return a medallion or something.

I don’t know if I found it, by the way. I only remember walking and looking around for it.

Sometimes my dreams are so weird. So weird.