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How to cheat in Draw Something

Here’s the hot new game that’s teaming up the mobile application world. It’s called Draw Something, and it’s made by none other than OMGPOP. It’s probably their most successful venture to date, as I generally don’t catch things unless they’re really popular. (Something about me and pop culture that just don’t seem to mesh well.)

Draw Something is available for both Android and iOS devices (Galaxy, iPhone, Evo, iPad), and is essentially Win, Lose, or Draw on your mobile device. You choose a word from a set of three, and create a drawing on a blank white canvas that the other player has to guess. Each word has a corresponding difficulty and reward, and if the other player guesses the word, you both get the reward. Essentially, the two of you are teammates, trying to get the best score, and play for the most number of rounds.

You can spend the coins that you earn on power-ups such as the BOMB, which will either give you new words when you’re drawing  (if you can’t figure out how to draw needle, banana, or Rihanna) or blast away incorrect letters when you’re guessing.

Anyway, the game is out, and guess what. YOU CAN CHEAT IN IT! I don’t mean getting the word javelin and then writing it directly on the screen. That’s called laziness. And yes, I do it all the time. I mean, these cheats are bugs you can exploit for your own personal gain. I don’t know if these cheats work on Android phones, but I know they work on iPhones. And why am I telling you? Because OMGPOP should really look into plugging these holes, especially since they can cost them precious revenue.

* These cheats work as of version 1.2.8 on iOS. And take care not to break your phones, as this post comes with no express or implied warranty. 


Don’t like the words you got? What the heck is a Raekwon anyway? Well, you could drop a hard-earned bomb on your words to get three new ones, or you could force-quit the application! Force-quitting the app and then restarting it will offer you a new set of words to use against your teammate.


Can’t figure out if you’re staring at a baby or an eggplant? Problem sorted! Use a bomb (or, shame on you if you have used them all up), and then see what letters you have left. Get the word right, and before you get to the coins screen, force quit the application. There’s a different method of force-quitting that I prefer for this cheat. How To Geek covers the new force-quit, which will require you to be on the home screen. Once you re-enter the game, you’ll have your bomb back, and you’ll know the word!


Ok, so this isn’t actually a cheat, but if you’re playing against a friend of yours and you can’t guess the word, just call him up! Explain to him that the both of you are on the line. Does he want to be responsible for breaking your 43-round run, just because his drawing of Lebron James looks like a cookie eating a net? Plus, those three extra coins you both get could go towards some awesome bombs. OR BETTER YET, NEON COLOURS!


This is very popular. But it’s also lazy. And boring. And I had to play someone who did this over and over again. Eventually I stopped playing, because there’s no challenge in writing HOPSCOTCH or PADLOCK.

Obviously these cheats are a little cumbersome. They aren’t easy, but then again, spending ten days just to get pastel colours, or paying $3 to buy more bombs isn’t easy, either.


You can also cheat by going to http://drawsomething.com/cheat. But that just gives you the answers.

And as an update to number cheat #2, which I don’t like because it requires paper, although you don’t use bombs. If you can’t guess the word, write down all the letters on a piece of paper. Then force-quit, and re-enter the game. The drawing will begin again but you’ll have an all-new set of letters. Write down the second set, cross off the ones that don’t match, and you have like a thousand-percent better chance at guessing the drawing.

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  1. Christian J says:

    I hate people who use cheat #4 and delete them immediately.
    Id rather use http://www.drawsomethingcheats.com instead as this does not per say hurt the game.