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Deep frying hot dogs: good idea, or bad idea?

Yesterday I had the bright idea of making hot dogs, but using my deep fryer to do so. A few things to note:

  1. This certainly cannot be healthy for me
  2. It’s so quick to cook! After heating up the oil, I dropped all eight of these Ballpark Bun-sized Beef Franks into the basket, I dropped them in. About two minutes later I thought to check on them, and they were already fully cooked!
  3. The one downside to deep frying the hot dogs (as if there is not more than one) is that I had to wait like five minutes to eat them.
    • After taking them out of the deep fryer, I hung the basket along the side to let the oil drip off
    • After a few minutes I still had to put them on a plate with a paper towel
  4. They taste a lot better than if I just threw them into a pot and boiled them.
I may do this again. I threw all eight into the fryer, and wrapped up the leftovers. If they’re still good a day later then, and I don’t care about my health, This is definitely my new way of making hot dogs at home.


One thought

  1. First off, this is my first deep fryer so I can not compare this to oetrhs which Im sure are very good as well. I recived this Hamilton Beach deep fryer as a gift being I have been getting intrested in fried foods at home. I really enjoy this fryer alot. It is built very well. Very easy to operate too. It heats up nicely and even has a timer. Just a note, the timer dosn’t turn off the fryer when done, which isn’t a problem with me at all. The only thing I see is that the battery for the timer appears to be incased and cant replace if it goes out, but it really seems to be working perfectly. This fryer is not only easy to set up and use, but cleaning was a major concern to me before getting any fryer. This thing is very easy to disassemble and clean. Nice deep basket. I had alittle problem with my beer battered fish and chicken sticking to the bottom of the basket after I pulled a batch, but this has nothing to do with the fryer, its just learning the technique. I’m only stating this for anyone else intrested in purchasing a first time fryer. But the basket for this one is very easy to clean and pretty deep so you can get a decent load of food per batch. The food fries up very quickly too. My chicken and fish come out cooked just right, staying tender and juicy by following the directions that accompany the manuel/recipe book that comes with this. If I ever needed to get another fryer for what ever reason, although this is my first one, I wouldn’t hesitate to get another like this. I am really very happy with this. Simple, gets the job done, and not alot of whistles and bells you never end up using. Also, I have noticed it is insulated very well too. The metal sides don’t get real hot, although I would never recommend trying to lift or move it when in operation. The oil really gets hot like its supposed to, and the cover is really nice keeping it all contained when in use. Enjoy!

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