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My little Mailbox review

Im writing this because “users” are giving the application only one star because they are in the queue to sign up, and are impatient. This is a horrible reason because it doesn’t tell you of the merits and problems with the app.


Some points are brought up that the app is marketed poorly, and while I can agree this is probably the worse app launch EVER, that should reflect on Orchestra the organisation, not Mailbox the app.

(what follows is an Emoji-less copy of my review on iTunes that was submitted on Monday 11 February 2013, but with more pictures)

The Good

  • The app is an improvement over the standard iOS Mail app in terms of visual appeal. You can easily see where you want to go and what you want to view.
  • The app is an improvement over the standard iOS Mail app in terms of usability.  Much-used tasks for me, like Delete and Archive, have turned from a swipe-tap gesture (or swipe-tap-scroll-tap) to a single short or long swipe. Everything is practically one gesture away.
  • You can sync as many GMail accounts as you have.


The bad

  • If you want to sort your archive, you can’t. And it doesn’t even sort the mail in any discernible pattern other than order-you-archived-it. Pointless.
  • There’s only one archive for all of your GMail accounts.
  • Also, GMail is the only email provider supported. (at the time of this writing)
  • The app is built for handling single emails, and has no support or design for selecting multiple messages to manipulate. Perhaps this is a design decision, but because of things like this I am unable to abandon Mail completely.


The ugly

OK there’s nothing ugly about this app. I just felt the need to reference a film I haven’t seen yet.

The app is having a rough start after a huge campaign to get everyone to sign up, or even reserve a place in line. The waiting period had increased exponentially depending on when you signed up. And quite frankly, I don’t blame people for dropping off in the meantime.

But it has promise. If you want to check it out you’ll have to be patient. This is definitely a 3+ star app.

Check out Mailbox for yourself at mailboxapp.com.

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