Jason Vertucio

I did a thing!

Bathfitters, your marketing really sucks


So, I had a guy from Bath Fitters check out the bathroom and give me an estimate about a month ago. When I saw the price, I decided I’m just going to save up and get it installed. I told the guy, and as much as he tried to sign me up on their finance plan, I was adamant.

No, I’ll call him when I’m ready to get it.

For the following week, they literally called every day and didn’t leave a voicemail. I’m so glad I didn’t give them my cell number.

So thanks, Bath Fitters, you’ve certainly un-earned my business.

Also, thank you, Ooma, for giving me the ability to block a phone number! is a consumer telecommunications company that allows its users to make phone calls anywhere inside the United States or anywhere inside Canada with no monthly service fees. I only pay like $3.72 a month which covers a regulatory fee, 911 service fee, and an FCC fee. It’s awesome.

Another reason why I hate Android

I’m sitting here at work wondering why this Mobile Framework that I’m developing works flawlessly on my iOS Simulator and on my iPhones and iPad, but literally doesn’t even have my stylesheets on Android. Turns out—ready for this? Turns out that I stash my framework in a folder called _framework. And you’ll never guess which folder of …

Mobile Web Apps, making the keyboard disappear

So, just for fun, I decided to make a little mobile web app to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius (of vice versa in case you needed that instead). But there were two problems with it. (a) if I hit BACKSPACE, it wouldn’t update the converted temperature (b) couldn’t get the keyboard to disappear (c) oops, …

My songs are now on Spotify!


Thanks to Fandalism Distro, my songs are now on Spotify. Of course, they all have “- true mix” suffixed to each track, but that bug will be fixed next week.

It took only a couple of days after that original email to get the EP online on Spotify. As for iTunes? Well, it should be up sooner or later.

To check out the music on Spotify, just go to Your Secret Identity!

Major Scale Version of “Losing My Religion”


This has occupied me all week. Someone apparently went wild with Melodyne, took one of my favourite early 1990’s songs (in a beautiful, simplistic A-minor) and made the entire song major.

The vocals are a little overtuned but who cares? This thing is seriously amazing.

For more, see vimeo.com/majorscaledtv.

This upsets me


Watching Arrow for the first time, and I see the eponymous Oliver Queen in his fancy new office for the first time. Wearing this. And I wonder, WHO THE HELL IS DRESSING THIS GUY????????


Middle button, or top and middle button. Or all buttons if you’re Asian and don’t understand the rules.



You should be ashamed of yourself, Oliver Queen. Five years on an uncharted island do not excuse you.