Oh, memories

technical support

This screenshot is from about four years ago or something. eHostPros is now FastWebHost. I hope they’ve gotten better customer service since then.

Bathfitters, your marketing really sucks


So, I had a guy from Bath Fitters check out the bathroom and give me an estimate about a month ago. When I saw the price, I decided I’m just going to save up and get it installed. I told the guy, and as much as he tried to sign me up on their finance plan, I was adamant.

No, I’ll call him when I’m ready to get it.

For the following week, they literally called every day and didn’t leave a voicemail. I’m so glad I didn’t give them my cell number.

So thanks, Bath Fitters, you’ve certainly un-earned my business.

Also, thank you, Ooma, for giving me the ability to block a phone number! is a consumer telecommunications company that allows its users to make phone calls anywhere inside the United States or anywhere inside Canada with no monthly service fees. I only pay like $3.72 a month which covers a regulatory fee, 911 service fee, and an FCC fee. It’s awesome.

Another reason why I hate Android

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 14.20.20

I’m sitting here at work wondering why this Mobile Framework that I’m developing works flawlessly on my iOS Simulator and on my iPhones and iPad, but literally doesn’t even have my stylesheets on Android.

Turns out—ready for this?

Turns out that I stash my framework in a folder called _framework. And you’ll never guess which folder of files wasn’t reading!

Seriously. Everyone goes on and on about how Android is better than the mobile Apple OS.

  1. I hate programming for every splintered version out there (over 30% are still running such an obsolete, two versions ago version of Android)
  2. I hate that I literally wasted three hours trying to figure out that when I renamed _framework to framework everything worked fine! IT DIDN’T WORK BECAUSE OF A STUPID UNDERSCORE. AND NOW IT WORKS.
  3. Actually, that’s a lie. Because now I’m getting errors with DOM elements not being found, even though there they are in my Chrome Desktop environment, and also on all the iOS devices!!!!!!!


iOS, I love you. I love you because you take the time to be as stable as possible. You run on, at most, six different devices.  And people don’t say of you, “Just don’t upgrade the OS.” And I love you because when I program something for you, I don’t have to worry about you not working.

For all interested, once I’ve had a successful deployment of this MOB Framework, I will release it. Maybe you’ll try it out. Maybe you’ll love it.

My songs are now on Spotify!


Thanks to Fandalism Distro, my songs are now on Spotify. Of course, they all have “- true mix” suffixed to each track, but that bug will be fixed next week.

It took only a couple of days after that original email to get the EP online on Spotify. As for iTunes? Well, it should be up sooner or later.

To check out the music on Spotify, just go to Your Secret Identity!

Fandalism Distro is back on track

I did say that I’ll be updating you all with the latest on Fandalism Distro. So here’s one.

This morning I got an email from the maker of Fandalism stating that his development is back on track, and there are over 700 albums waiting to be inserted into Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

He can only submit 100 albums for the first week, so I expect to see my music uploaded on Saturday — or hopefully on my birthday (HINT HINT).

The best part of Fandalism Distro, and Philip Kaplan is quick to constantly point this out, is that his service, Fandalism Distro, will be the fastest way to submit music to these three stores. You upload your songs to the site, and “within minutes” the songs will be submitted to the respective stores.

Of course, then there’s iTunes’ and Spotify’s 1-3 day waiting period (Google has 14).

Some time this week he will hammer out the details of payment. And I have yet to see the Analytics pages. But I will go over the processes with you once I have seen them. Sit tight, true believers!

I’m trying out Fandalism Distro


Note: Fandalism Distro is a new online service for getting your music onto iTunes and Spotify, and Google Play. It’s so new that you can’t just sign up and run it — you have to be invited into the group. Also, there are still bugs to be worked out, as I found out today. 

The other day I uploaded some songs to Fandalism Distro, a new site for sharing/selling your music through the iTunes and Google stores, as well as free streaming through Spotify. The service is $19.99 per year for unlimited tracks, and advertises that you get to keep all revenue.

I figured, what do I have to lose except up to $19.99/yr, and hopefully much less?

The reason for the decision

Here’s TuneCore’s pricing (as of 8th April, 2013): $29.99 for the first year, $49.99 each additional year. That’s PER ALBUM. They put your music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and even MySpace! (Yeah, MySpace!)

CDBaby offers a one-time $49 fee, and takes 9% of each sale.

While I’m sure TuneCore provides a great service and everything at your fingertips, if I can save 60% per year (or 33.3-repeating% the first year), I’m happy to see what the outcome is.

The Good

I got the email invite code, set up the payment plan, and got to work right away. All the artwork for my albums were originally done at line 180dpi so I had to upscale the images, but it’s all lo-fi single guy work, so I don’t really care that much about the quality. It looks good enough, and will have that “not so new” aura about it, which is fine by me.

I ripped all the songs from CD into WAV files for hi-quality output (since I lost all my song masters when my hard drive crashed), and uploaded them within minutes.

Minutes after that (and I mean less than ten) each album had a UPC code, and an ISRC was assigned to each song. All I have to do now is wait for the songs to show up on the online music places!

(updates about how things are going will appear in subsequent blog posts)

The Bad

The only downside is probably that it’s just a guy running the site. The realisation of the downside came this morning in an email to me. Philip Kaplan, creator of Fandalism, has an “awesome” back-end system, but ran into development issues which pushed his work back by about four whole weeks. And while there is much evidence that a small team of one to three developers is sometimes all you need to make it big, there have also been plenty of cases where this just isn’t the case.

To you, Mr. Kaplan, I have all the faith.

(again, updates about how things are going will appear in a future post)

A bottom line, if you need one

In an interview, Kaplan stated that he is not pricing it low to out-price everyone and be the worldwide distributor of music to only stores. He doesn’t expect this to be a huge source of revenue for him. He is running the service to help bring people to the main site, a sort of social network of musicians and performers, complete with videos. Everywhere.

Wanna try out Fandalism Distro but don’t want to pay? There’s a free option. Drop your email into the queue. Find one good song and upload a single. See what comes of it. If you love how things are going, then you can drop $20/yr for the service. I think it was worth trying out immediately, and I can’t wait to see how everything looks in a month.

This upsets me


Watching Arrow for the first time, and I see the eponymous Oliver Queen in his fancy new office for the first time. Wearing this. And I wonder, WHO THE HELL IS DRESSING THIS GUY????????


Middle button, or top and middle button. Or all buttons if you’re Asian and don’t understand the rules.



You should be ashamed of yourself, Oliver Queen. Five years on an uncharted island do not excuse you.

I’m redoing this site

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the site looks a little different. I started putting together a theme and next thing I knew it was six hours later. I haven’t even eaten dinner, and I have to go to bed now.

So anyway, a few of the reasons for the new look are, (a) I hated the old theme’s way of making the blog sections just an “archive” with “excerpts” instead of full posts, (b) I just wanted to make my own theme for my own site, (c) it’ll be easier to add new things since I’m not constrained by the previous theme’s design, and (d) I wanted my old eyes to be able to read the damn text.

I’m not much of a web designer, so the page will look very simple. And the bottom even states, page “design” by. I’ll get around to the rest of it later on. This theme is not yet responsive, so when you look on your phone you’ll be all WTF I HAVE TO SCROLL THROUGH ALL THIS?! but it’s okay because I’ll get it all fixed up and pretty for you.

Well, maybe not pretty, but at least doable on a mobile phone.