Jason Vertucio

I did a thing!


I kind of threw this together cos I got a text from Jared saying, ” Just found Ike’s parrallel universe album on spotify… You should learn deathbed and dandelion…”

You can tell this was like a first take cos there’s about two wrong chords and I flubbed a lyric. And yet I went back, added a quick second vocal track, and a . . . um . . . rendition of the guitar solo . . . . But anyway, here it is.

“Deathbed (Na, Na, Na)” originally by IKE

Try to enjoy.

I just got an Akai MPK Mini USB/MIDI Controller

So I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a MIDI controller. And I wanted something I could use instead of the old, tried-and-true method of click, drag, drop, right-click, edit I used to do for my drum programming. And I figured, it’s got two octaves, and a set of actual pads at …

I made a 3D bar graph using just HTML and CSS

(tap on the graph to reset the animation)

I’m all proud of myself for making this. It’s actually for work, where I build specialised digital presentations for iPads, so this really only works on browsers like Safari and Chrome. I also threw together some Firefox support, but this only works in the latest and coolest of browsers, so if you have, like, Firefox 4 or almost any version of Internet Explorer, this won’t work.

I had some help. This article at Codrops gave me the initial idea. But, like other “3D CSS Bar Graph” articles I found, all of them create the illusion of 3D by creating triangular borders around the bars.

That is not my desired goal as it’s not built in a 3D space, so I cannot rotate around the view. So, I made my own. (more…)

What’s the best environment for developing websites?

I used to use Dreamweaver. Made it up to CS5.5 thanks to various jobs and stuff. At my current job they have Dreamweaver CS5.5, but lately I’ve been using my Mac for other projects, like at home and stuff.  I use Coda, because it has built-in FTP and it’s easy to use. I wish I could …

Best Scam Email Ever.

I have just received the best scam email ever.

From time to time I check my junk box, because GMail likes to forward Zynga requests in there, as well as deals at Ben’s Outlet and offers to grow my penis to godly proportions. Today I checked the junk box, and stared at an all-caps subject from a name typed in all caps. I couldn’t pass up a chance at hilarity like this for, oh gosh, safety concerns!

(since the file attached was just a TXT file, I knew viruses wouldn’t be hidden in it, so I clicked to read it. here it is.)

(also, in the attached email, all boldface items added by me)



Foundation Framework

For the past day or so I’ve been staring at Foundation. It’s a Framework that claims to be responsive and has a lot of great little UI and layout things prepared for you. Also has two cool plugins built-in, Orbit and Reveal (an image slider and modal window, respectively).

So far, pretty cool. I want a reason to use this thing, it looks pretty awesome. I’ve been meaning to change up one of my websites for a while now. Maybe I’ll base it off Foundation.

In other news, I wish Kat Dennings would continue writing in her blog. Either that or I missed a memo where she moved?