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I did a thing!

Star Trek and Doctor Who: Together at Last!

Note: This review may contain spoilers, though I wouldn’t actually count them as spoilers.

See this? Don’t get distracted by that chick who was gonna play the new TV Wonder Woman, because I know that’s the first thing you spotted. I mean the thing in the middle. The comic book. The it-looks-too-good-to-be-true-and-at-the-same-time-too-bad-to-be-true comic book.  I just heard about it today. And I just bought it straight away. You see, just a couple of hours before I made this fateful purchase at Wade’s Comic Madness in Fairless Hills, the following scene took place:

James: Hey, Jay. I was reading up on new comic books earlier today, and guess what I came across.

Me: No clue.

James: A The Next Generation (sic) and Doctor Who crossover.

Me: Oh no.

James: It’s either going to be terrible, OR EXTREMELY AWESOME.

Well, it’s neither. But as first issues go, can you really expect one or the other? (more…)

Ramona, on my mind (Cover Song)

Why should I have nothing to fear from?

About two years ago I sat down in the theatre and was blown away by the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It almost broke my record for film seen most times in a cinema, a record currently held by Fight Club In time for the DVD release, I decided to record a cover. There is a video somewhere, and that video is where I got this audio.

Ladies and gentlemen, originally by Beck, I give you this song: Ramona

Also, here’s the video where the original recording came from. I overdubbed the extra vocals and instruments from the live track.


(Original Image by VietNguyen)

The other day I was told my housemate sounds like me

So, when Mike and Brady were at the house/studio to record the next two episodes of my podcast Jay V Mail, Nicholas came home and went to his room to play a song for someone.

They said he sounds like me. Personally, I think they should have said I sound like him. And furthermore, I don’t think we sound alike anyway.

As they say, the proof is in the gluten-free dessert of your choice, so I present to you:

Compare. Contrast. Comment.

The secret to a good Bloody Mary

So, I’m not mixologist. Mixology refers to sick drinks, not sick beats, right? Anyway, here’s what I discovered this morning after making my second bloody mary this morning. Well, ever. It’s really easy to screw one up, but it’s really easy to make a great one. So, the first one I tasted was a bit like …

2012, when all the internet start-ups close down

This is obviously an exaggeration. But my point is that this year, I’ve seen three different sites just shut down in a very short time-frame. Two occurred on the same day, 5th March! It lead me to sit on a blog post for almost three weeks and then begin writing it, which leads me to believe that maybe I’m just over-exaggerating. Maybe deaths really do come in threes. I don’t have the answers. But I can spot coincidence as if it’s part of a pattern.  (more…)

How to fix Password-protected directories on a WordPress blog

Here’s something I’d been struggling with for the better half of the day. I’ve been trying to get my server to password-protect a directory, since one of the Confidentiality rules I have to follow includes not posting work publicly. And yet, the only way I can do some of the work is by putting it on a public web server. Sorry. You don’t need to know that. You just need to know what happens and how to fix it. Well, here we go.

iPad is the new IE6

So, this article was written over a year ago, but after working with the iPad, trying to develop HTML pages, having them work directly in Safari on this Mac I have at work, and then NOT working on either an iPad or the iOS simulator, I have to agree. The iPad is the new IE6.

Currently, I’m trying to create some custom controls on a video to get it to play. But you know what? The darn video won’t play unless I use the built-in controls for the iPad. That means a big, ugly circle with a triangle in the middle. About a day of trying to figure workarounds (and also, an entire day of ignoring the Internet who said it wouldn’t work) I have come to that conclusion.

At least poster images work now, so it’s a big movie still with a big, fat circle/triangle concoction.