Jason Vertucio

I did a thing!

CSS Prefixes – The current battle

So, don’t tell anyone, but over the past month, in the web pages I was creating, I kind of . . . . wasn’t very consistent with my CSS coding.

Sometimes I would use the -webkit- prefix, but most times I would just skip the thing and just write box-shadow: 1px 2px 4px #414042 (or whatever) about twelve lines below a -webkit-box-shadow declaration. I’m sure it’s not a big deal. I mean, the site worked. But it bothered me that I even did things like that. Because, why should I even have to use the prefix? (more…)

So guess what I did this week!

It’s part of an iPad app for people in the pharmaceutical industry. You see, when you drag the little slider thing from Partial to Full, the image, which starts off at slightly healthy skin, gradually fades into horrible bloody flesh wound. It’s pretty rad stuff. Until I forget that the real life images are still on the computer screen when I come back to eat my lunch.

I just installed this theme called Yoko, by elmastudio.


It looks pretty and everything, but . . . . oops . . . . since I’ve used the banner image of each post as its thumbnail (because that’s how the old theme operated) . . . well, it’s like too much image duplication. And I am not a fan of this.

Although I am a fan of kitten randomly jumping up on chair arm and chirping at me.