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Recap: Your Secret Identity, featured open mic artist Jan 21, 2015


So last night I got to play as a featured artist at Hebe’s Wednesday night open mic, so I used the band name. It was a little snowy, which means EVERYONE BUY ALL THE BREAD AND MILK THAT YOU CAN AND BATTON DOWN THE WINDOWS! DON’T GO ANYWHERE! IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO OUTSIDE! but there were a bunch of cool younger musicians out. I had the enigmatic Brian Foy playing cajon for me and of course we killed it.

I even got a buck for stripping. Probably would have gotten more if I took more than my sweater off.

The set list was:

  • A Lost Cause (Nothing to Offer You)
  • Dizzy
  • Stare Down the Moon
  • Always Something There to Remind Me [by Naked Eyes]
  • Close to You
  • Just Like Heaven [by the Cure]
  • The Sun Goes Down on Jenni

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