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I did a thing!

I’m redoing this site

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the site looks a little different. I started putting together a theme and next thing I knew it was six hours later. I haven’t even eaten dinner, and I have to go to bed now.

So anyway, a few of the reasons for the new look are, (a) I hated the old theme’s way of making the blog sections just an “archive” with “excerpts” instead of full posts, (b) I just wanted to make my own theme for my own site, (c) it’ll be easier to add new things since I’m not constrained by the previous theme’s design, and (d) I wanted my old eyes to be able to read the damn text.

I’m not much of a web designer, so the page will look very simple. And the bottom even states, page “design” by. I’ll get around to the rest of it later on. This theme is not yet responsive, so when you look on your phone you’ll be all WTF I HAVE TO SCROLL THROUGH ALL THIS?! but it’s okay because I’ll get it all fixed up and pretty for you.

Well, maybe not pretty, but at least doable on a mobile phone.

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