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Review: 4k Video Downloader

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Let me tell you why I actually like 4K Video Downloader.

DISCLAIMER: I am about to talk about downloading videos from YouTube that may be copyrighted. I do not advocate this activity, and neither should you. I also discuss a lot of unsafe tactics, which should be recognized as dangerous and never done. Ever. 

Let’s say, hypothetically, that I want to make a super-cut of my favorite cat videos off the Internet. Well, how am I supposed to get them? That’s no problem with 4K Video Downloader (“4K”)!

4K is an application (available for Windows, Mac OS, and even Ubuntu) that allows anyone to download videos off YouTube in whatever resolution. HD? Full HD? 4k HD? I don’t even get  why they have HD and Full HD; can’t they just be like, “Amost HD and Real HD?” And then now we’re getting into 4k and 8k territory . . . I think my mind is blown. Anyway that’s not the . . .

OK, so I can download my favorite cat videos. That’s cool. I can even download them in 1080p to make my super fancy 1080p super cat cut video. Cool. Awesome. Thumbs up. All I have to do is copy the URL and paste it into 4K.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Let’s also, hypothetically, say that I want to watch all of the hit series Mortal Kombat Legacy, on my big 42″ television that my dad gave me, and it’s not the fancy Smart TV that he got for himself a couple of years ago. Oh, man, do I have to copy each and every single MKL link and drop it into 4K?

NOPE! 4K also handles playlists! Now that’s awesome because all I have to do is drop the season 1 playlist into 4K and then drop in the second one, and everything’s golden! There’s even a “Smart Mode” so I don’t have to keep selecting all of the options. Just paste in the link and let it fly!

Let’s say I’m going on a long trip, and I’m gonna need something to distract the kids so I can, you know, drive in peace. You know how YouTube videos look on the iPad while you’re driving, right? Every new tower you hit freezes the video. You can never watch anything while you drive! Talk about inconvenient! Except now it’s super easy! Just copy and paste all of the Minecraft videos into 4k and have them added straight to iTunes!

You can also set 4K to download multiple videos at once, which is only recommended if you’re in a hurry, coz you know how YouTube can be all, “Don’t download the videos from our site! We need you to see it here all the time so we can show you ads and make money!” and I dunno block you from using 4K. Ugh. Money mongers.

Other features include embedding subtitles, creating .m3u playlists for all you old-school downloaders, and run through a proxy in case you were blocked by YouTube earlier in the day.

Speaking of ads, 4K is supported by advertising, so it will just show you some targeted ads all the time. No big deal, though. If you want to remove the advertising, you can pay $19.95. As far as I know, that’s all it gets you. No more ads, and that good feeling inside when you support developers. The “buy”page says unlimited downloads, but I’ve honestly never seen any limits to anything.

(4K also makes an app that will rip audio from YouTube videos, and another that lets you save your favorite photos from Instagram.)

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