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I did a thing!

So, Daylight Savings Time

So here’s the thing.

If you know me, you probably are tired of me saying this every single year. One night, I stayed up until almost three in the morning because I had nothing better to do that Sunday, and I wanted to see what’s going on in TV-Land. Some cable station was showing the old Superman show from the 1960’s. And I thought, well, this’ll be fun. I’ll just watch it at 1am, and then when the clocks fall back, I can watch it again!

I guess I should announce two things right now. 1) I was young and stupid. 2) Daylight Savings Time was ending.

So I watched the episode. It was nothing spectacular to me, because I grew up with Christopher Reeve beating up General Zod, and Dean Cainwooing Teri Hatcher while stopping the guy from the Jeffersons. But I was excited to see it again, because — as everyone knows — the Fall Back from DST happens promptly at 2am.

So 2am came and it was some other show. Some sitcom from the 70’s about a radio station, I think. I got mad and complained to the TV. It didn’t listen. I flipped stations, looked for something else, got bored, and then fell asleep.

So, basically, if there is anything I can offer to you, the public at large, who are curious about TV schedules during the DST changes, don’t be. Because nothing happens.

Although I suppose it’s a great way to get you ready for the new times, so you’re not up at 4am and in bed at 7pm.

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