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Another reason why I hate Android

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I’m sitting here at work wondering why this Mobile Framework that I’m developing works flawlessly on my iOS Simulator and on my iPhones and iPad, but literally doesn’t even have my stylesheets on Android.

Turns out—ready for this?

Turns out that I stash my framework in a folder called _framework. And you’ll never guess which folder of files wasn’t reading!

Seriously. Everyone goes on and on about how Android is better than the mobile Apple OS.

  1. I hate programming for every splintered version out there (over 30% are still running such an obsolete, two versions ago version of Android)
  2. I hate that I literally wasted three hours trying to figure out that when I renamed _framework to framework everything worked fine! IT DIDN’T WORK BECAUSE OF A STUPID UNDERSCORE. AND NOW IT WORKS.
  3. Actually, that’s a lie. Because now I’m getting errors with DOM elements not being found, even though there they are in my Chrome Desktop environment, and also on all the iOS devices!!!!!!!


iOS, I love you. I love you because you take the time to be as stable as possible. You run on, at most, six different devices.  And people don’t say of you, “Just don’t upgrade the OS.” And I love you because when I program something for you, I don’t have to worry about you not working.

For all interested, once I’ve had a successful deployment of this MOB Framework, I will release it. Maybe you’ll try it out. Maybe you’ll love it.

How to cheat in Draw Something

Here’s the hot new game that’s teaming up the mobile application world. It’s called Draw Something, and it’s made by none other than OMGPOP. It’s probably their most successful venture to date, as I generally don’t catch things unless they’re really popular. (Something about me and pop culture that just don’t seem to mesh well.)

Draw Something is available for both Android and iOS devices (Galaxy, iPhone, Evo, iPad), and is essentially Win, Lose, or Draw on your mobile device. You choose a word from a set of three, and create a drawing on a blank white canvas that the other player has to guess. Each word has a corresponding difficulty and reward, and if the other player guesses the word, you both get the reward. Essentially, the two of you are teammates, trying to get the best score, and play for the most number of rounds.

You can spend the coins that you earn on power-ups such as the BOMB, which will either give you new words when you’re drawing  (if you can’t figure out how to draw needle, banana, or Rihanna) or blast away incorrect letters when you’re guessing.

Anyway, the game is out, and guess what. YOU CAN CHEAT IN IT! I don’t mean getting the word javelin and then writing it directly on the screen. That’s called laziness. And yes, I do it all the time. I mean, these cheats are bugs you can exploit for your own personal gain. I don’t know if these cheats work on Android phones, but I know they work on iPhones. And why am I telling you? Because OMGPOP should really look into plugging these holes, especially since they can cost them precious revenue.

* These cheats work as of version 1.2.8 on iOS. And take care not to break your phones, as this post comes with no express or implied warranty.  Continue reading “How to cheat in Draw Something” »