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Weird Dream States: 2/22/2012

Here’s what I wrote when I woke up.

So the dream I just woke up from …. The road I thought was the right one turned out to not only be a dead end, but I almost fell into the sea.

The point of that dream? Take the high road.

So, over 12 hours later, here’s what I remember. I remember that I had fallen asleep thinking about a problem and solution at work, and then so in my dream I was actually seeing transparency slides of the pages I was working on. I was driving on a highway. So the road forked. To the left, the overpass, and to the right, just some regular road. I thought, I could take the regular road and not have to deal with the overpass.

But as soon as the road curved around to go under the other part of the highway, IT ENDED. So I slammed on my breaks, and the car stopped before the edge of the road. I looked back and I was driving my old car.

It was a BMW 318i from, like, 1991 or something. A hand-me-down from my father.

I was almost hanging off the edge of the road. I threw it in reverse and before I was able to turn and go up the overpass, I woke up.

Always take the high road. That’s the lesson I took when I woke up.

Funny how a dream can just happen and make you think up some profound meaning out of it. But that’s my story. Always take the high road. Be the best that you can be and try not to let anything get you down. There’s some advice I could use right about now, hiding right in my own dreams.