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I kind of threw this together cos I got a text from Jared saying, ” Just found Ike’s parrallel universe album on spotify… You should learn deathbed and dandelion…”

You can tell this was like a first take cos there’s about two wrong chords and I flubbed a lyric. And yet I went back, added a quick second vocal track, and a . . . um . . . rendition of the guitar solo . . . . But anyway, here it is.

“Deathbed (Na, Na, Na)” originally by IKE

Try to enjoy.

Daydream Believer

This is what happens when I try recording on the Mac Mini. Hope you like. I multitracked extra vocals too, because I can!

Daydream Believer


I took the AIFF files off the Mac and imported them into an application I’m used to recording in, called Sonar Home Studio, and redid it. I was trying out a bass line on the recording, and I decided to leave it in. Considering I added some more background vocals and re-EQ’ed the entire thing, and changed up some of the special effects, the addition of bass wouldn’t be so bad. So now, what you hear is the DAYDREAM BELIEVER: EPISODE IV SPECIAL EDITION. And in this version, Greedo never shoots.


Ramona, on my mind (Cover Song)

Why should I have nothing to fear from?

About two years ago I sat down in the theatre and was blown away by the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It almost broke my record for film seen most times in a cinema, a record currently held by Fight Club In time for the DVD release, I decided to record a cover. There is a video somewhere, and that video is where I got this audio.

Ladies and gentlemen, originally by Beck, I give you this song: Ramona

Also, here’s the video where the original recording came from. I overdubbed the extra vocals and instruments from the live track.

(Original Image by VietNguyen)

Cover song: Colorblind

I am ready. 

I had been putting this off for a while. This morning I stared at my leftover Dunkin’ Donuts coffee from last night. The piano was already powered on earlier, when I tried playing a Damien Rice song. This song popped into my head, as these things tend to do.

It’ll remind some people of riding up an escalator, and there’s Ryan Philippe waiting for you. Me, I’m always reminded of an unrelated scene, where Sarah Michelle Gellar is pulled outside, her little crucifix cocaine holder is emptied out all over the ground.

Weird image to associate with the movie, and generally more shocking than my second image: involving her and Selma Blair.

I think I was talking about it last night, too. Anyway, here it is. Me on piano and vocals. And flute. And strings. Watch out. I play with a very free tempo.


Two Cover Songs

I downloaded a trial of Melodyne to see if I could figure out how to use it. I think I’m better off learning how to be a better performer. Anyway, here are the two songs I did 😉

I recorded “Remembering Sunday” this morning, essentially right after I woke up. It features guitar, piano, and vocals, all by me. Since I didn’t have a girl to sing the girl part, I put the piano in to fill in that ending part. And the song doesn’t feel incomplete. By the way, I just learned it this morning just so I can record it.

“Learn to Fly” was the afternoon song. I put two guitars on this, and recorded the vocals in stereo (for no good reason). I was determined to not use Melodyne on this track, but I completely botched one section in a way that I couldn’t say it was a creative departure from the original. So, auto-tune on both songs. And,using Melodyne, I was able to fix a little timing issue that I wanted to fix.

Still, I really hope you enjoy them.