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Ramona, on my mind (Cover Song)

Why should I have nothing to fear from?

About two years ago I sat down in the theatre and was blown away by the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It almost broke my record for film seen most times in a cinema, a record currently held by Fight Club In time for the DVD release, I decided to record a cover. There is a video somewhere, and that video is where I got this audio.

Ladies and gentlemen, originally by Beck, I give you this song: Ramona

Also, here’s the video where the original recording came from. I overdubbed the extra vocals and instruments from the live track.

(Original Image by VietNguyen)

That 70’s Song (Cover)

Watch me play one of my favourite songs on guitar, an acoustic cover of Cheap Trick’s ‘That 70s Song’, itself a cover of Big Star’s ‘In the Street.’