Star Trek and Doctor Who: Together at Last!

Note: This review may contain spoilers, though I wouldn’t actually count them as spoilers.

See this? Don’t get distracted by that chick who was gonna play the new TV Wonder Woman, because I know that’s the first thing you spotted. I mean the thing in the middle. The comic book. The it-looks-too-good-to-be-true-and-at-the-same-time-too-bad-to-be-true comic book.  I just heard about it today. And I just bought it straight away. You see, just a couple of hours before I made this fateful purchase at Wade’s Comic Madness in Fairless Hills, the following scene took place:

James: Hey, Jay. I was reading up on new comic books earlier today, and guess what I came across.

Me: No clue.

James: A The Next Generation (sic) and Doctor Who crossover.

Me: Oh no.

James: It’s either going to be terrible, OR EXTREMELY AWESOME.

Well, it’s neither. But as first issues go, can you really expect one or the other? Continue reading “Star Trek and Doctor Who: Together at Last!”