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Weird dream states: 5/19/2010

What is up with me dreaming about falling lately? My latest dream involved me somehow …. and by the way this entire dream is too triply to figure out on my own, so if you don’t understand then rest easy knowing you’re not alone ……. somehow, I managed to balance myself on the rubber bannister of an escalator in a Macy’s store. But here’s the weird part.

That part of the escalator lead nowhere! So, literally, the thing goes to the top and stops, but also, it’s just the bannister. No moving steps. So, I have to balance myself precariously on the top of this escalator with no floor around me, and no way of getting down.

Unless I jump.

The drop is about one full story. And I know that if I jump from this height, I’ll most likely break my leg when I land. So what do I do? I look up and there’s this phantom fourth floor above me. I can grab on to the ledge and hoist myself up, but then I’d have to get over the glass panel somehow, and there’s not even enough space to plant my feet. So, I stare up, stare down, know I’m stuck, and instead of jumping down, I just will myself awake, which stinks because if I had realised it was a dream at that point I could have just levitated myself down.

By the way, in my dreams, I don’t fly. I just levitate. -le sigh-