My songs are now on Spotify!


Thanks to Fandalism Distro, my songs are now on Spotify. Of course, they all have “- true mix” suffixed to each track, but that bug will be fixed next week.

It took only a couple of days after that original email to get the EP online on Spotify. As for iTunes? Well, it should be up sooner or later.

To check out the music on Spotify, just go to Your Secret Identity!

Fandalism Distro is back on track

I did say that I’ll be updating you all with the latest on Fandalism Distro. So here’s one.

This morning I got an email from the maker of Fandalism stating that his development is back on track, and there are over 700 albums waiting to be inserted into Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

He can only submit 100 albums for the first week, so I expect to see my music uploaded on Saturday — or hopefully on my birthday (HINT HINT).

The best part of Fandalism Distro, and Philip Kaplan is quick to constantly point this out, is that his service, Fandalism Distro, will be the fastest way to submit music to these three stores. You upload your songs to the site, and “within minutes” the songs will be submitted to the respective stores.

Of course, then there’s iTunes’ and Spotify’s 1-3 day waiting period (Google has 14).

Some time this week he will hammer out the details of payment. And I have yet to see the Analytics pages. But I will go over the processes with you once I have seen them. Sit tight, true believers!