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Ageing ungracefully

the big four oh

I realized that in less than three and a half years I’ll be turning forty. It doesn’t seem so scary anymore. Maybe the whole being single part, but then again I ain’t gonna find no one who loves me more than me anyway. And I spoil myself when I can!

(I can’t wait till I can buy myself a Tesla. Man, the look in my eyes when I roll into the driveway in one of them.)

Back when I was a kid, I decided the thirties was gonna be a great decade for me. And you know what? It was. I never thought, damn I’m gonna be too old at 30. Never even thought that I’d be old till I’m fifty. Nowadays, I don’t think I’m gonna think I’m old till I’m seventy. Or eighty.

My parents are nearing those ages. They’re still alive and kicking and moving and shaking and whatever old people do. That’ll probably be me someday, too. I look forward to it. Hopefully I’ll have taken care of my body so isn’t broken and in pieces by then.

And then there are the people who turn 26 and whine that they’re ancient. That there’s nothing left for them in life anymore. I’ve known a couple; as I get older my friends or acquaintances tend to get younger.

I just want to tell those people, their twenties are gonna suck. I know for a fact their thirties are gonna be awesome. And if they don’t screw it up, their 40s and 50s might be great, too. Be a grown up and do grown up things. Or don’t. Just allow yourself to get older. It’s cool. It’s gonna be hella cooler than it is now. Unless you’re the type who relives your high school days for the rest of your life.

Look forward. It’s a brighter future, even if this world gets bleaker and bleaker.