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George Takei on Internment

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.11.07 AMHere is a great read on history from Star Trek actor George Takei, and how it could apply to current events. Specifically, it addresses Trump’s hate speech, and one possible outcome in a future where he becomes president.

It’s terrifying, depressing, and also insane that we as Americans would come anywhere close to this being allowed.

I used to joke about extracting myself from this country if he ever won. As it becomes more of a possibility, I consider that silly daydream of mine more seriously.

This is not my America. I don’t live in a place that allows an institutional racism, that believes it’s okay to alienate so many races just because they don’t match that of the one percent.

My America is actually the silly daydream. We won’t overcome adversity. We won’t lead ourselves into a golden age of society.

We’re just scared little children clamouring to bask in the orange day-glow of the loudest bully. Because he allows us to regress to the days when it was okay to laugh at the fat kid. Or push some kid down the stairs and call him a nigger. Post a sign barring lesser white folks from employment.

I wish I could have my America. But I can’t be hopeful when I have family who aren’t even reasonable. But just because we weren’t Asian in America in the 1940s, I guess we don’t really care about it happening again.

And they’re already setting up camp.