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I made a 3D bar graph using just HTML and CSS

(tap on the graph to reset the animation)

I’m all proud of myself for making this. It’s actually for work, where I build specialised digital presentations for iPads, so this really only works on browsers like Safari and Chrome. I also threw together some Firefox support, but this only works in the latest and coolest of browsers, so if you have, like, Firefox 4 or almost any version of Internet Explorer, this won’t work.

I had some help. This article at Codrops gave me the initial idea. But, like other “3D CSS Bar Graph” articles I found, all of them create the illusion of 3D by creating triangular borders around the bars.

That is not my desired goal as it’s not built in a 3D space, so I cannot rotate around the view. So, I made my own. Continue reading “I made a 3D bar graph using just HTML and CSS” »

SendMail Class (PHP Programming)

In case you’re one of those people who doesn’t care about . . . you know . . . web programming . . . . here’s a fun picture of how we all feel about the new Total Recall film.

For all the rest of you . . . I created a little PHP class that I’d been using for about three years, and updating on and off during that period. It’s simply called SendMail (although for some reason I called the class tofSendMail, which I’ll fix in the next release), and it was developed to easily handle the creation and sending of emails.

For the first public release, I have given you simple features such as the obvious:

  • To, From, Subject
  • CC, BCC
  • HTML and Text versions
  • Sending via PHP’s built-in mail function
And of course:
  • Attaching a file
  • Loading and parsing a text file to send

It’s nothing spectacular, but I decided to release it under the GPL license. I wanted to make it public because I don’t know what else to do with it. I figure you guys can point me in the right direction. It’s currently functional, so you could use it in a live site today. Actually, I may plan to use it on a project I have coming to me this weekend.

If you end up using the PHP class, please let me know. If you want to fork and contribute, definitely let me know. And if you find any bugs or want to see any other features in it, it is compulsory that I know. Also, this is the first time I’m ever using GitHub. If this repo is a rousing success I’ll drop in some other bits of PHP that I had written in the past for everyone to enjoy.