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This is what’s wrong with Community, all in one shot

In this week’s episode of Community “Conventions of Space and Time,” Troy and Abed somehow convince the rest of the study group to go to an Inspector Spacetime convention.

So of course, like any good sitcom, they leave behind two people who decide to go anyway, the young girl fantasizes about being married to the older man, the girlfriend doesn’t like sci-fi, and the mentally dubious one learns a lesson he should have learned two seasons ago.

Anyway, one of the sub-plots has Pierce giving advice to a TV focus group. The way he and Shirley end up in this predicament … well, I don’t know if it’s more unfunny, or more insulting to a large segment of the population. Or maybe I”m just overly sensitive in my weakened and ill state.

Well anyway, so that happens, Matt Lucas locks Abed in a phone booth, Jeff takes off his shirt, and then I like the outro for all the wrong reasons. Continue reading “This is what’s wrong with Community, all in one shot” »