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Journey Down: Chapter One, Now Half Price!

There are times when you see this really cool looking game and really want to play it.  Or, in specific cases, want to play a game that you’re in but budgets didn’t allow you an advance or complimentary copy. Or, maybe you asked them to pay your studio time instead of paying you, since your apartment just won’t cut it for sound quality.

Whatever the case, there’s the game. But then you see the price, and decide, “I’ll get it when my next pay day comes. When I can afford it.” And then next week you pay rent instead. And the following, you put more money on your credit card bill. And the next? Well, you can’t go three whole weeks without beer can you, you sick drunk?!

You’ve just lost your excuse, ladies and gentlemen, because Journey Down: Chapter One has been slashed in half. The developers do admit that they aren’t good at pricing out their software, (as duly mentioned by a recent review), and have decided that they will slash the price of the game in half. Now only $6.99, you can finally skip eating lunch at the office cafeteria and listen to me scream about bananas in a drunken accent!



Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne

If you watch Community, you know that in one of the penultimate episodes, Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) had to play a video game to retain control of his company.

I’m not going to spoil the plot of that episode (though you’ve had enough time to watch it). But I am going to inform you that a handful of fans have decided to create the game seen in the episode. It’s still in very early alpha stages, but is being constantly released. The latest version is 0.0.11. I, for one, can’t wait until it’s done.

The game is simultaneously being developed for Windows (both x86 and x64 systems), Mac OS X, and Linus. And the graphics and music (so far) are absolutely amazing.

(via Reddit)

How to cheat in Draw Something

Here’s the hot new game that’s teaming up the mobile application world. It’s called Draw Something, and it’s made by none other than OMGPOP. It’s probably their most successful venture to date, as I generally don’t catch things unless they’re really popular. (Something about me and pop culture that just don’t seem to mesh well.)

Draw Something is available for both Android and iOS devices (Galaxy, iPhone, Evo, iPad), and is essentially Win, Lose, or Draw on your mobile device. You choose a word from a set of three, and create a drawing on a blank white canvas that the other player has to guess. Each word has a corresponding difficulty and reward, and if the other player guesses the word, you both get the reward. Essentially, the two of you are teammates, trying to get the best score, and play for the most number of rounds.

You can spend the coins that you earn on power-ups such as the BOMB, which will either give you new words when you’re drawing  (if you can’t figure out how to draw needle, banana, or Rihanna) or blast away incorrect letters when you’re guessing.

Anyway, the game is out, and guess what. YOU CAN CHEAT IN IT! I don’t mean getting the word javelin and then writing it directly on the screen. That’s called laziness. And yes, I do it all the time. I mean, these cheats are bugs you can exploit for your own personal gain. I don’t know if these cheats work on Android phones, but I know they work on iPhones. And why am I telling you? Because OMGPOP should really look into plugging these holes, especially since they can cost them precious revenue.

* These cheats work as of version 1.2.8 on iOS. And take care not to break your phones, as this post comes with no express or implied warranty.  Continue reading “How to cheat in Draw Something” »

I actually got to say this today

Really. I got to full on say this phrase:

Crustaceans scare the bananas out of me!

Of course the video game won’t have my funny stuttering at the beginning. I was actually just doing a cold reading of the script, hence the stutter.

This was for a video game for which I was allowed to play a very small part. It’s called The Journey Down, and it’s being developed by SkyGoblin. SkyGoblin currently has two games on their roster, Nord and TJD. The latter has a lo-res, non-talkie version available for download on their site. It’s available only for Windows, so if you got a Mac, you’re outta luck. Sorry.

Mega Man or Mega Man X?

So in case you didn’t know, I set up my Formspring to send my questions and answers to the blog. Fortunately for you— and unfortunately for me— it makes them all drafts. Well, at least I have a wealth of things I could write about. Anyway, this question was asked by the Earl of Awesome. My answer? Well, I think it’s obvious.

Mega Man.

Got one for me?