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My revised review of the Digitech Vocalist Live 3


On Monday, after grabbing a Digitech Vocal Live 3 from my local big-box music store, I wrote about my initial experience with it. It can add a rich vocal harmony to your vocals, but it doesn’t read suspended chords very well, and it grabs your guitar sound from the mic and even harmonises that.

And also, the vocal signal is missing any real dynamic frequency range. I absolutely hated the sound I was getting out of the “unprocessed” signal, even when dialling the high and low cut levels to flat.


So, when I did the initial recording tests, I used the MXL 990 (left), which captures both my guitar and vocals very beautifully in one go. But it clearly was the wrong mic to use with the VL3. I promptly trashed those recordings. And then I fished out my old, trusty, Senheiser E835 and plugged it in.

The Senheiser mic is actually quite comparable to Shure’s flagship vocal microphone. When I need to replace this, it’ll be a tough call between this and a Shure SM58. But for now, I have this little guy to give the pedal one last chance to prove itself. And so how did the Digitech Vocal Live 3 fare this time around?

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