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iPad is the new IE6

So, this article was written over a year ago, but after working with the iPad, trying to develop HTML pages, having them work directly in Safari on this Mac I have at work, and then NOT working on either an iPad or the iOS simulator, I have to agree. The iPad is the new IE6.

Currently, I’m trying to create some custom controls on a video to get it to play. But you know what? The darn video won’t play unless I use the built-in controls for the iPad. That means a big, ugly circle with a triangle in the middle. About a day of trying to figure workarounds (and also, an entire day of ignoring the Internet who said it wouldn’t work) I have come to that conclusion.

At least poster images work now, so it’s a big movie still with a big, fat circle/triangle concoction.

CSS Prefixes – The current battle

So, don’t tell anyone, but over the past month, in the web pages I was creating, I kind of . . . . wasn’t very consistent with my CSS coding.

Sometimes I would use the -webkit- prefix, but most times I would just skip the thing and just write box-shadow: 1px 2px 4px #414042 (or whatever) about twelve lines below a -webkit-box-shadow declaration. I’m sure it’s not a big deal. I mean, the site worked. But it bothered me that I even did things like that. Because, why should I even have to use the prefix? Continue reading “CSS Prefixes — The current battle” »

The last few days of the project

So, since I am of course bound by NDA’s, I can’t exactly talk about what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, nor for whom I am doing it. But, what was supposed to be a one-week project has extended into this, the fifth week. What’s so cool about it is that for the first time I got to use CSS3 -webkit- animations, and really put my JavaScript knowledge to good use, learned prototyping. I also learned that jQuery is not something you want to use when building HTML documents for use on iPads. (hence the CSS3 animation and transition usage).

But I really miss PHP, server-side programming.

So I’m finishing up this project, just running the products through Editorial, making changes, and updating code so that all of these products match visually and interactively. And after that, who knows what’s coming up?

I guess the reason I’m writing this post is to just sort of remind myself to update the resume with Front-end JavaScript Development, and real-world CSS3 application.