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Weird dream states: 3/5/2011

Ok so in my dream my kitten companion was named Julian (or Julienne, I’m not sure). S/he was a grey short-haired cat with a White streak looking like a scar across her face from left eye down past the right side of her nose.

Or his, I swear my dream didn’t even make that clear.

The house was laid out like my old one, now my brother’s house. And Julian hid under the dining room table a lot. During a party, I tried to convince Julian to go into the basement, which was empty. By the time I coaxed him to the door, my brother opened it quickly, scaring off the kitten.

And then the only other part of my dream I remember is walking outside in what looked like a quiet part of Brooklyn, on one of those quests like in Dragon Quest where I had to find and return a medallion or something.

I don’t know if I found it, by the way. I only remember walking and looking around for it.

Sometimes my dreams are so weird. So weird.