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The Adventures of Koko Bear: Chapter I

The Adventures of Koko Bear Chapter 1

kokobear  is back with ‘The Adventures of Koko Bear Chapter 1‘, a very different sort of Halo machinima. In fact, Halo doesn’t even make an appearance until three minutes into the video. (World of Warcraft’s model viewer helps out at the start.) I’m pretty sure hallucinogens were involved in the writing of this machinima – but the end result is oddly compelling. Will Koko survive his meeting with the Watermelon King? You’ll have to watch the next chapter to find out! (Louis Wu 2 April 2011 16:01:26 UTC)

The story is about a bear named Koko who lives in a magical forest,but one day a great shadow overcomes the land. Koko is then forced out of the forest and into a city where he encounters some interesting characters,and eventually finds out what caused the great shadow that haunts the land. (Jamie98s 7 Jan 2011)

Last month I got to help out with a machinima production called The Adventures of Koko Bear. I have a bigger part in a future episode, but you can still catch me playing a different character in this chapter.

See if you can spot me!

Digitalstudent.me Introduction Video

DigitalStudent.Me is all about organizing your life around the new technologies that our parents didn’t have as university students. Heck, some of us didn’t have such a wealth of technology ten years ago!

The world is changing so fast. It seems like the trend of all-in-one machines is here to stay. So our word processor also allows us to watch cute kitten videos, or even a science fiction film from the 1970’s whilst typing up reports and documents. Distraction is everywhere. Without proper organizational skills, you’re screwed.

But thanks to DigitalStudent.Me, you don’t have to be.


Recording for Video

Last week my friend Jon Tilton asked me to help him with a class assignment he has. I didn’t quite know what it was all about but I did know it would be cool. I’d lent my voice many, many years ago on something called Superlander. Now he’s finishing college and we still get to work together.

About 12 Minutes

About 12 Minutes is my podcast.  Being a show which I entirely produce, and write and present with a few friends, you’d think I’d stick to the bi-weekly schedule we are supposed to do. But since last year, the show has faltered and is currently on hiatus.

The show is not bound by any specific theme or genre, so that it can be whatever anyone wants. In many episodes, the co-hosts get together and share their opinions on movies. In others, a question is posed, and the participants answer the question. And discussions ensue.

When it returns, it will be the same as it always has: an undefined show that doesn’t stretch boundaries because it has none in the first place. Heck, it’s called About 12 Minutes and tends to last about an hour. Or more.

Especially when Nicholas Reed joins the cast.