I fixed a Chrome Extension

There's this Chrome Extension I dug up, because I really like just hitting the Left or Right arrows on my keyboard to fast forward or rewind. (Let's be honest—I use it to rewind because I wasn't paying attention to the movie.)

Long story short, I reviewed the code and found a block that was commented out, which would allow for fullscreen mode. So I did what any sane web developer would do and I added it back in, utilizing a different method to the original developer's which actually worked.

And then I went and refactored the whole gosh darn thing! I don't know what even possessed me to do that, but here we are.

If you'd like to see what I've done and use it for yourself, you can clone HBO Max Keyboard Shortcuts and add it to your browser in Developer Mode. OR JUST DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE CHROME WEB STORE!

Published: 09/22/2021 8:38pm


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