Jason Vertucio

I did a thing!

Daily Regex: Google Analytics Tracking IDs

This won’t be a daily thing. But I just put together a quick Google Analytics Tracking ID for one of the apps I’m putting together. You know, to make sure you enter the correct one. It’s super easy.

function isGoogleAnalyticsTrackingId(id) {
var pattern = /^UA-\d{2,}-\d{1,2}$/;
return pattern.test(id);

Now, I’m sure you, astute readers, will be able to pick apart any errors in this. So, have at it!

He Said, She Said


I composed this piece back in 2007 I think. Really, I just sat down and played piano a lot and turned each piece into an entire 15-minute suite.

I was asked by a friend a while back to score a piece he was working with. I sent this as a sort of, “Here’s the ideas I got. If you like it let me know and I can clean it all up for you.” There are a lot of little finger flubs cos I didn’t write any of it down. Also, if anyone asks me to play this, I couldn’t. Because I never wrote it down.

But anyway, here it is. And I hope you enjoy it.

He Said, She Said

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

starshipWell this was fun to do. Sarah and I recorded this version of that classic Starship song “Nothing’s Going Stop Us Now” like, sometime in 2013. It was fun. And I sat on the masters because the piano just sounded horrible. But I eventually got it right. And then I forgot to upload it for like a year. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it. It was a fun collaboration.

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Jason Vertucio: Guitar, Vox, Piano
Sarah Meeres: Vox, guitar arrangement

(image by Mike C, used without permission)