Battling Google Calendar Spam

IF THERE’S ONE THING I HATE, IT’S SPAM! There’s no such thing as a good kind of spam, unless it’s made by Hormel. The latest thing I’ve fallen victim to has been the random and annoying Google Calendar events about making money. I mean, COME ON, my schedule is clearly busy enough without all this crap!

Actual screenshot of my busy, busy lifestyle. Soldiers not included.

If you wanna know what you can do about it, read on.

Daily Regex: Google Analytics Tracking IDs

This won’t be a daily thing. But I just put together a quick Google Analytics Tracking ID for one of the apps I’m putting together. You know, to make sure you enter the correct one. It’s super easy.

function isGoogleAnalyticsTrackingId(id) {
var pattern = /^UA-\d{2,}-\d{1,2}$/;
return pattern.test(id);

Now, I’m sure you, astute readers, will be able to pick apart any errors in this. So, have at it!

He Said, She Said


I composed this piece back in 2007 I think. Really, I just sat down and played piano a lot and turned each piece into an entire 15-minute suite.

I was asked by a friend a while back to score a piece he was working with. I sent this as a sort of, “Here’s the ideas I got. If you like it let me know and I can clean it all up for you.” There are a lot of little finger flubs cos I didn’t write any of it down. Also, if anyone asks me to play this, I couldn’t. Because I never wrote it down.

But anyway, here it is. And I hope you enjoy it.

He Said, She Said

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

starshipWell this was fun to do. Sarah and I recorded this version of that classic Starship song “Nothing’s Going Stop Us Now” like, sometime in 2013. It was fun. And I sat on the masters because the piano just sounded horrible. But I eventually got it right. And then I forgot to upload it for like a year. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it. It was a fun collaboration.

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Jason Vertucio: Guitar, Vox, Piano
Sarah Meeres: Vox, guitar arrangement

(image by Mike C, used without permission)