CalDigit TS3 Plus vs Anker PowerExpand Elite

I'd been using the *CalDigit TS3 Plus* Thunderbolt 3 dock for work since the Pandemic started. It was provided by the company I work for. It's great for a variety of reasons, but I just want my own stuff, you know? It's important to me. So I did what any emotional techhead would do, and I bought my own dock. Instead of purchasing the same model for myself, I got Anker's PowerExpand Elite. It's a 13-in-1 dock that's about 4in² smaller than Caldigit's, and it's by a trusted brand. But is this better than the 15-in-1 Caldigit TS3 Plus? Let's go over the pros and cons and find out.

2 months ago

Samsung Galaxy Buds+: Initial Thoughts on these with the iPhone

My Day One experience with the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. Full disclosure: I have an iPhone. fuller disclosure: I had to wait another day to make a phone call, so this is really more like a Days One and Two experience.

3 months ago

I got Verizon's new Jetpack 8800L MiFi Hotspot

Just a quick update with the promise of a more detailed review later.

3 months ago